Friday, October 16, 2009


cesare and celestine go hand to footpup in the ochre. roussillon, provence
the man at the carillons. annecy
la basilique de la visitation, annecy

andrew on the lake, aix-les-bains

lavender fields in the morning. mas pantai provence
gaul wall. gordes, provence
young babe in the ochre, roussillon, provence


just, you know, a waterfall in the alps. on a hike with sam, the second half of which included me lost in the mountains, weeping in the rain, barely choking out desperate BONJOURRRRs for human aid. eventually i encountered a group of preschoolers and made it home with their help. thanks guys!!!
mhm. even though there are signs i managed to be lost for many the nude, in the glass. la sainte chappelle, paris
spencer and friend on the metro, paris. notice grotesque ad for english lessons
building dimensions circa 1148. abbaye de sénanque, provence!
sam takes a stretch at the ferme
mr. cheval on his mountain farm
so much beauty in this land
alex in the vineyard... provence

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  1. Laura Bliss! I found your blog from your facebook page and your writing is beautiful. It's making me both very nervous/anxious and very excited for my semester in France! I'll (hopefully) be in Paris for Spring, and I'm glad to know that a dear friend will be in the same country. Also, I am INCREDIBLY jealous of those shots of La Sainte Chapelle- the stuff of dreams! I hope you're enjoying your European adventure (it certainly seems so), and the next time I see you will be for tea in France.
    -Sarah B.